About Jun Tae

Hello and welcome to my portfolio! I’m Jun Tae Ko, a dynamic and results-driven professional based in Seoul, South Korea. With a diverse background in government affairs, journalism, and corporate communication, I’ve honed my skills in navigating the intricate intersections of policy, media, and business.

Currently serving as a Senior Supervisor in Government Affairs at Edelman Global Advisory, I specialize in managing high-profile clients across diverse sectors. My role involves active participation in legislative and policy advocacy campaigns, providing critical intelligence gathering for risk management solutions. I take pride in partnering with global counterparts on intercompany projects and contributing to lobbying and communication strategies for the Government of South Korea, particularly in the exciting project to help Busan host the World Expo 2030.

My journey in journalism includes a significant stint as a Political Reporter at The Korea Herald, where I served as the sole correspondent for the National Assembly. As a core member of the 2022 presidential election coverage team, I reported on the campaigns of both liberal and conservative parties, establishing valuable connections with key stakeholders. My experience extends to social affairs reporting, shedding light on labor and human rights issues, and uncovering unsanitary working conditions of foreign workers in Korea.

During my tenure at The Korea Joongang Daily, I immersed myself in the business world, serving as the primary correspondent for Korea’s automobile and biopharmaceutical industries. I’ve also contributed to breaking news coverage, delivered in-depth analysis articles, and managed relationships with media representatives and industry associations during my role as a Marketing Content Coordinator at The Jacobson Group.

As a passionate advocate for justice, I dedicated my time as a part-time Investigative Reporting Intern at The Medill Justice Project. Engaging in projects examining potentially wrongful convictions, I reported on cases that led to impactful outcomes, including a commuted prison term.

In addition to my professional experiences, I hold a Bachelor of Science in Journalism with a concentration in Daily News & Investigative Reporting, and a double major in History with a concentration in Global History from Northwestern University.

Feel free to explore my portfolio to learn more about my journey, skills, and interests. If you’re looking for a professional with a unique blend of experiences in government affairs, journalism, and corporate communication, you’ve come to the right place.

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