Car Reviews

If you like the others, consider Maserati
After test driving all of the vehicles for sale by Maserati in Korea, I wrote a 1,200-word review of Maserati’s offerings to Korean consumers. The review came with an angle that consumers looking for “others” could consider a Maserati as opposed to an ordinary sports car, freeing themselves from the convention.

Hyundai Motor Benjamin Buttons the Grandeur
Through a test drive of Hyundai Motor’s 2019 face-lift model of its long-standing sedan ‘Grandeur,’ I wrote an honest review of Hyundai Motor’s attempt for innovation in design and brand image, successfully predicting the astounding success of the bold take by the automaker to overhaul its traditionally strong-selling model.

In Genesis versus the pandemic, Genesis wins with G80 luxury sedan
The article introduced the history of Genesis and its sales fluctuations throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to how G80 luxury sedan’s rollout served as a major turning point for the company to recover its standing in the global market and truly promote itself as the one and only luxury automaker in Korea.