Success Case 1

To successfully introduce online liquor sales to the Korean market, the discussion of which accelerated with the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, I helped the client foster connections with key lawmakers and engage with political and media stakeholders to establish a momentum for public discussions on the agenda to take place and formidable steps to occur at the National Assembly.

Concentrating on the idea of establishing fair trade environment for liquor in the Korean market, I connected the client with a lawmaker with the National Assembly National Policy Committee, successfully organizing a public discussion forum and carrying out media promotion activities.

Success Case 3

On behalf of an international NGO, I formed a cooperative network within the National Assembly Health and Welfare Committee to help the client perform various policy activities, such as proposing bills to be introduced for legislative fixes; organizing public discussion forums and hearings; and engaging with media outlets for publicity outcomes. The ultimate goal of the project is to enact a bill that would fulfill the client’s needs in the 21st National Assembly.

For the project, I took the lead in the following activities:

  • Support introduction of a bill promoting the client’s agenda
  • Preparing and coordinating official inquiries to be made during the National Audits of 2022 & 2023
  • Organize and successfully hold a legislative hearing on the bill introduced for the project

Success Case 2

For a client who is a leader in the global hydrogen industry – I have served as a lead consultant providing updates on various domestic policies to contribute to the firm’s business expansion in the Korean market. Accordingly, I have collected necessary data and insights from the National Assembly and related government ministries.

In order for the client – at a business disadvantage due to its image as an overseas company – to continue its growth in the domestic hydrogen market, I provided regular updates on policy changes and helped develop the client’s policy activities.


As a public affairs specialist in Edelman Global Advisory in Korea, I have provided consultations on networking, planning & executing policy discussions and public hearings, and collaboration activities for clients in various fields to bring policy changes in demand.

  • Forming and expanding a network with aides from the offices of lawmakers belonging to standing committees
  • Regularly advising and planning on requests from clients for rental activities utilizing various political and social momentums
  • Planning of various discussions and meetings through collaboration with lawmakers’ offices