Lawmakers’ Zelenskyy snub stains South Korea’s image
The opinion piece written on behalf of The Korea Herald’s National Desk heavily criticizes the National Assembly and lawmakers for giving no attention to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy even though Korea has a similar history of war and pain in its growth to become one of the largest economies in the world. The article centered on offered the kind of half-hearted applause from lawmakers associated with mandatory attendance, underscoring the importance of gesture and attitude in diplomacy.

How did the Democratic Party lose power after just five years?
I wrote an opinion piece on behalf of The Korea Herald’s National Desk to criticize the Democratic Party of Korea and the progressive camp for losing control of the government in just five years, describing in detail the political history of Korea, representative cases that the liberal faction could adhere to, and what Koreans can expect from the Yoon Suk-yeol administration and the conservative camp for the next five years.

Korea risks fumbling latest Miracle on the Han
By highlighting the PR mistake of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs over a weekend during the COVID-19 outbreak, the opinion piece emphasized the importance of staying true to actual proceedings instead of overly emphasizing and potentially lying to the public for the sake of fame and approval ratings. I heavily criticized the Moon Jae-in administration for creating a havoc and causing turmoil among investors during the time of crisis.

Remdesivir to the rescue?
Not so fast, as approvals for the treatment may take time

The article introduced how new drug candidates are processed in Korea’s regulatory sphere to hint how the approval for then-highly expected COVID-19 treatment candidate, remdesivir, would take time and reach consumers later than hoped, showcasing how fast approvals may or may not be needed in the times of emergency.