Success Case 3

With a large-scale lawsuit against a large platform company  expected, the client had concerns that the domestic investment sentiment will weaken and due to the unfavorable situation in the public opinion battle, and that domestic investment returns will decline due to expected difficulties in exercising rights as investors.

As a response, I executed the following:

  • Analyze the situation of the investment firm in the domestic market, as well as identifying various factors that may put the client at a disadvantage in public opinion regarding the issues and suggesting solutions
  • Organize various scenarios that can be expected as litigation progresses into 10 representative case examples to present media and investor response plans according to each situation
  • Provide real-time consulting services for the client on the progress of the lawsuit as requested

Success Case 2

A major external crisis occurred for our client, a government body that wanted to host a major festival in its country. In hosting an event that was much smaller than the mega event in scope, various problems arose, causing great inconvenience to those involved. As a result, public opinion worsened and suspicion was raised in the international community.

As a response, I executed the following:

  • Prepare a detailed plan for the client to respond to related media reports, so that people understand that there would be no major problems in attracting mega events and providing solutions that can lessen the problems of the current government organizations
  • Develop guidelines to respond to inquiries from the international community that sufficiently emphasize the safety of the committee hosting mega events, as the process will involve consistent communication with participating countries in all stages of development
  • Provide consulting services on a regular basis in response to related investigations

Success Case 1

Ahead of the business permit review by the Electricity Committee of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, a collective action was warned from residents opposing the project, and accordingly, a message kit and action plans were needed to respond to the media and government department stakeholders.

As a response, I executed the following:

  • Proactively communicate with reporters in charge of media outlets that may publish negative articles while providing advance notice of issues that may be of concern to the client
  • Prepare a statement that can be distributed immediately in the event of a collective action, and establish plans to speak directly to government department officials upon the outbreak to explain the situation in detail
  • Map out media engagement plans to have the day’s media coverage can be concluded in an overall positive direction for the client upon the outbreak


I also served as a lead consultant for Edelman in preparing response plans on external marketing & PR risks for clients in various fields, providing real-time consulting services when actual risks occurred.

  • Create messages to be distributed to key stakeholders in media and politics, while establishing a real-time response procedural plan
  • Establish a hotline with clients and other key personnel in the event of an actual situation and promoting a real-time response system
  • Respond to misinformation and potential threats from media articles, following up with individual journalists and delivering the client’s messages as needed

Shinsegae Food Media Engagement

I promoted plant-based meat alternatives under the names of socially influential figures in various media outlets, making efforts to publish contributions that can raise the social awareness of plant-based protein. As a first-line staff of the project, Jun Tae was directly involved with planning, writing, recruiting contributors, and recruiting media outlets. Media outlets that were utilized for the project include:

  • 2022: Seoul Shinmun, Maeil Business News, Korea Economic Daily, Herald Business, Edaily, Financial News, Korea JoongAng Daily
  • 2023: Financial News, Herald Business, Korea JoongAng Daily, E-Today

Spotlight Initiative Interview Engagement

As the PR strategy lead of the ‘Spotlight Initiative’, a global partnership between the UN and the EU to eradicate all forms of violence against women, I successfully arranged three videoconference interviews for the client with leading domestic media outlets.

The interviews helped the Spotlight Initiative draw big attention to the domestic media, and through the publication of three interview articles, various women’s organizations and government ministries in Korea expressed interest in opening talks with the initiative.

  • Korea JoongAng Daily
  • Hankyoreh Newspapers
  • Pressian

COP28 Interview Arrangement

As the lead of PR efforts in Korea for the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) held in Dubai in November 2023, I successfully arranged and executed two interviews for Majid Al Swaidi, Secretary General and Special Representative of COP28, in a time constraint.

I successfully derived key messages for the interviews and tapped into his network to arrange interviews with the two most prestigious media outlets in Korea, despite the low interest level of COP28 in Korea.

  • Yonhap News Agency
  • Chosun Ilbo


With a background in journalism, I have developed and executed a wide range of media relation strategies on behalf of clients of diverse sectors, while providing timely and effective consulting services as requested.

  • Navigated and analyzed the media outlets that clients would need to target for successful execution of PR strategies
  • Explored and executed various PR strategies by successfully pushing feature articles, interviews, and op-eds on behalf of the clients
  • Conducted successful media promotion campaigns utilizing the network and experience as a journalist

Success Case 1

To successfully introduce online liquor sales to the Korean market, the discussion of which accelerated with the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, I helped the client foster connections with key lawmakers and engage with political and media stakeholders to establish a momentum for public discussions on the agenda to take place and formidable steps to occur at the National Assembly.

Concentrating on the idea of establishing fair trade environment for liquor in the Korean market, I connected the client with a lawmaker with the National Assembly National Policy Committee, successfully organizing a public discussion forum and carrying out media promotion activities.

Success Case 3

On behalf of an international NGO, I formed a cooperative network within the National Assembly Health and Welfare Committee to help the client perform various policy activities, such as proposing bills to be introduced for legislative fixes; organizing public discussion forums and hearings; and engaging with media outlets for publicity outcomes. The ultimate goal of the project is to enact a bill that would fulfill the client’s needs in the 21st National Assembly.

For the project, I took the lead in the following activities:

  • Support introduction of a bill promoting the client’s agenda
  • Preparing and coordinating official inquiries to be made during the National Audits of 2022 & 2023
  • Organize and successfully hold a legislative hearing on the bill introduced for the project